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Project Solutions

Overdimensioned, heavy and super-heavy, Equipment, material, machinery. Truck, flatbed, lowbed, hydraulic trailers Multimodal transport Air, sea, road. Scheduled or charter vessels, RORO vessels, lifting, seafastening, loading/unloading, load outs. approved by Marine surveyors. Feasibility surveys, method statements, road surveys

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Project Solutions

At IOFREIGHT, we are the experts in specialized project freight forwarding, dedicated to managing the intricate logistics of overdimensioned, heavy, and super-heavy equipment, materials, and machinery. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and compliance, our comprehensive services encompass a wide range of transportation modes, including trucks, flatbeds, lowbeds, hydraulic trailers, as well as multimodal options via air, sea, and road. We offer both scheduled and charter vessels, RORO vessels, lifting and seafastening solutions, as well as loading/unloading and load outs. Our services are approved by reputable Marine surveyors, and we provide feasibility surveys, method statements, and road surveys to ensure seamless execution.

**1. Tailored Solutions for Complex Cargo:**
We understand the unique challenges posed by overdimensioned, heavy, and super-heavy cargo. Our experienced team designs customized freight forwarding solutions, addressing specific requirements to ensure safe and efficient transportation.

**2. Multimodal Transportation Options:**
For comprehensive logistics solutions, we offer various transportation modes, including trucks, flatbeds, lowbeds, hydraulic trailers, as well as air, sea, and road transportation. We determine the most suitable combination to optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

**3. Scheduled and Charter Vessels:**
IOFREIGHT provides access to scheduled vessel services or chartering options based on your cargo’s urgency and volume. Our expertise in vessel selection ensures timely deliveries and optimal utilization of resources.

**4. Expertise in RORO (Roll-On/Roll-Off) Operations:**
We specialize in RORO operations, allowing seamless loading and unloading of vehicles and equipment directly onto specialized vessels, reducing handling time and minimizing risks.

**5. Lifting and Seafastening Solutions:**
Our team of experts ensures safe lifting and seafastening of heavy cargo, providing comprehensive solutions to secure your valuable equipment during sea voyages.

**6. Approved by Marine Surveyors:**
Our services are approved by reputable Marine surveyors, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, and maintaining the highest level of safety and quality.

**7. Feasibility Surveys and Method Statements:**
Prior to execution, we conduct feasibility surveys to assess the viability of the transportation plan. Additionally, method statements outline step-by-step procedures to execute the project safely and efficiently.

**8. Road Surveys and Route Planning:**
Our comprehensive road surveys identify potential obstacles and challenges, enabling us to plan the best routes for smooth overland transportation.

**9. Loading/Unloading and Load Outs:**
We take charge of loading and unloading operations, ensuring the secure movement of cargo between various modes of transportation, and providing meticulous load outs when required.

**10. Transparent Communication and Reporting:**
Our commitment to transparent communication means you receive regular updates and detailed reporting throughout the project, ensuring you remain informed about the progress and status of your cargo.


With IOFREIGHT, you can trust that your overdimensioned, heavy, and super-heavy cargo is in capable hands. Our specialized project freight forwarding services, supported by a diverse range of transportation modes and approved by Marine surveyors, guarantee safe, efficient, and compliant logistics solutions. From feasibility surveys to method statements and road surveys, our comprehensive approach ensures successful project execution from start to finish. Partner with IOFREIGHT, and let us handle the complexity of your specialized cargo needs with utmost expertise and precision.

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